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Dance Lessons

Striptease Houston offers many different styles of exotic dance in the form of private lessons, group lessons, classes and workshops. Choose your desire below.

strip tease lesson

Exotic Dance 


Lesson topics include: Rhythm, Hip movement, Floor work, Seducing, Lap Dance, Chair Dance, Using Props 


- $100/hr +

striptease houston exotic dancelesson

Lap Dance


Learn how to master the basics of lap dancing. Learn how to use and manuever your body while on him and around him. Use your body as a tool to pleasure him.


- $100/hr +

Pole Dancer

Cardio Pole & Exotic Dance Fitness


We offer fitness pole and exotic dance group and individual training. We also have plans for corporate wellness. 


- Varies

striptease pole

Live Video Lessons


Lessons are given in real-time in the privacy of your own home.


  • No more going to crowded dance studios

  • No more long commutes 

  • No more embarrassing moments 

  • You don't have to be shy anymore

Now you can log on to Skype and have Susan Nguyen LIVE right in your living room or bedroom. Take Exotic Dance and Pole Dance Lessons in the comfort of your home. Feel free to ask questions and take notes. (Max 2 Persons)


- $50/hr +


strip tease pole dancing

Group / Classes / Workshops


We currently do not offer classes on a daily basis. However, we do offer classes for a group of 2-4 girls. Workshops are offered quarterly. Please call to reserve your space. (Location will vary)


- $60 +

strip tease lessons

Couples Exotic Dance


Learn how to mesmerize your man with him there to support you. Now both you and him can learn how to give and take with this art of seduction. Some women are more comfortable having their significant others there either to participate, or for support, or because they are seeking approval. Women have the option of having the instructor use him to teach the client for a more realistic visual. If not, she may elect to be the only one to practice with him, or she may just want him to be there to watch. Whichever way, these lessons are sexy and steamy.


- $150/hr +

striptease Houston chair dance lessons

Chair Dance


Learn how to incorporate a chair with your exotic dance routine. Make him watch you as you seduce him with hand, arm and body movements while sitting and standing on the chair.


- $100/hr +



Burlesque is theatrical entertainment of broad and parodic humor, which usually consists of comic skits or a strip tease in a risqueé style.


- $100/hr +

1-one-1 Private Lessons


Lessons are given individualy and in the privacy of your home or at our studios we work with. The client will get more idividualized attention with these in depth lessons.


- $100/hr +

pole strip tease

Pole Dance


Lesson topics include: Warm-Up, Turns, Spins, Climbs, Pole Dance, Transitions and Stretching


- $100/hr +

pole dance striptease twerk

Twerk Booty Poppin


Lessons include:  the Hip Roll, Booty Shake, Make it Clap, Left Cheek Right Cheek, Back Roll, and more


- $100/hr +

Twerk Booty Shaking Classes & Workshops


Whether you want to let go of your inhibitions or you want a total body workout, this high intensity class and Twerkshop is for everyone. Not only do you learn new dance moves but you can also lose 500-1000 calories all while having fun. It is an amazing cardio workout for quads, glutes, and abs. This class will teach you how to shake that rump! The class will broken down into a 90 minute session that includes: warm up/stretching, isolations, choreographed routine and cool down/stretching.


- $25/class

striptease in class

Party Packages


  • Exotic Dance Party Package - Unlimited Guests - Hip movements, sexy walk, hand gestures, chair dance, lap dance, floor work, props


  • X-Pole Dance Party Package - Unlimited Guests -Basic turns, spins, climb and introduction to exotic dance. Ceiling cannot be any higher than 11 to 11.5 ft.


  • Platinum Stage Pole Party Package - Unlimited Guests - Basic turns, spins, climb and introduction to exotic dance. This pole has a stage and does NOT require a ceiling.


- $200/hr +

* Trip charge (gas) if out of service area. - $25+


* Studios and other event locations are available upon request and for additional fees.

Contact us for availability

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