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Video Gallery

Watch Striptease Houston in motion with different forms of dance at various locations all over Houston

Valentines Day Lap Dance

Cindies Valentines Ladies Night Out - Lap Dance Lesson. Tried to be serious but failed never let your girlfriends be the receiver. Dancing to Paula Cole's "Feeling Love". 

Halloween Pole Dance

A simple routine to "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson to get into the spirit of Halloween @ Cindies Ladies Night Out

Strip X Mas

A little Christmas Routine for Cindies Ladies Night Out. Sweaty palms and hands got the best of me but still went through the routine.

Sexy Lap Dance Promo Demo 

Striptease Houston's Lap Dance Promotional Video. Our lessons are simplified to allow everyday women to channel their inner seductresses. Any woman can do this, soccer moms, young professionals, even mature women and women of all ages. Keep the passion alive and give someone a gift to remember! 

Chair Dance & Floor Work Demo 

Beginners/Intermediate dance routine to "The Hills" by The Weekend. *Warning content is for mature audiences. There will be extreme close ups do to giving the receiver's point of view. 

Twerk or Treat Halloween Twerkshop

Striptease Houston and Houston Dance Factory teamed up to bring you the Twerk or Treat Halloween Twerkshop! Helping Susan Nguyen instruct is her Twerk captain Lan "Sassy" Chiao. Don't miss out on our next workshop!

Christmas Twerk with Bells

A whimsical twerk routine to "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree" with bells on for Cindies Ladies Night Out @ 249. 

Booty Poppin Lesson - Floor Work

A lesson in Booty Poppin: Left Cheek, Right Cheek @ Cindies Ladies Night Out

Booty Poppin Lesson - Pole

Booty Poppin lessons on the pole to "Back That Ass Up" @ Cindies Ladies Night Out

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